Bullying Prevention 2019

Bullying Prevention 2019
Posted on 10/16/2019


Chatham Elementary School Bullying Prevention Month activities are as follows:
  • Students created anti-bullying posters that they carried in a school-wide parade and then displayed throughout the school.
  • Students are writing kind words on strips of construction paper to connect together to make a school-wide kindness chain to display in the halls of the school.
  • Students and staff wore blue in support of the national World Day of Bullying Prevention.
  • Students created a handprint banner to “Take a Stand. Lend a Hand. Stop bullying.” that will be displayed in the school.
  • Students will design and display kites to help rise above bullying.
  • Students will design and display tennis shoes to help stomp out bullying.
  • Students and staff will participate in an anti-bullying assembly and volleyball game with Hargrave students.
  • During guidance lessons the students have been reading anti-bullying books such as Bully Beans and The Bully Blockers Club.